cnc milling an aerospace component

At Sharp Tool Manufacturing,

we are proud to serve many different industries with our precision manufacturing. In addition, our extensive knowledge allows for custom specifications requested by our customers.

Aerospace: We are able to serve both commercial and private aerospace markets as we are registered AS9100 for quality. Our technicians can design creative solutions to complex requests and detailed projects.

Defense: Serving our great country is an enormous pride and honor. With our extensive capabilities, we are able to produce high-quality products with guaranteed discretion.

Commercial: Our products are available for commercial use for those in need of precision manufacturing anywhere in the country. Call us today if we are the right fit for you.

Automotive: We are experienced and highly trained in the practice of precision manufacturing for the automotive industry.

Mining: We offer custom precision machining solutions to support the mining industry and develop plans to meet unique demands. Our team works collaboratively with our clients to meet all their needs.

To learn more about the industries we serve, please call us today.